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The company you are about to see is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, one of the leading automotive manufacturer in Japan.

Our company Asian Transmission Corpo- ration (ATC) manufactures component parts and transmission assembly of world-renowned Mitsubishi vehicles such as the light pick-up truck L-200/Strada and component parts for the perennial rally winning Lancer/Evolution.

ATC also manufactures the component parts, transmission, and engine assembly of the versatile L300 and the dynamic family-cum-business Adventure wagon.

Since the time they rolled off the streets, highways or country roads, Mitsubishi vehicles throughout the world have gained wide public acclaim because of their high quality and innovative engineering. We in ATC are committed to unite all our efforts to meet and uphold the Mitsubishi Standard of Excellence.

To date, ATC provides employment to more than 500 highly trained and deeply motivated technical and administrative personnel. Our employees are always seeking the best ways and means to improve their jobs individually or jointly with their co-employees. We believe in the motto: "What is best today may not be good for tomorrow". Over the years, we have developed a corporate culture giving meaning and substance to our Corporate Values of excellence, integrity, professionalism, customer satisfaction, teamwork and happiness.

On behalf of the management and the rest of ATC employees, we welcome you to ATC, and wish you a productive visit.

President & Chief Executive Officer